How To: Digital Advertising for Politics & Advocacy

Digital targeting is key to advertising success

This summer, I got to lead several digital ad trainings aimed at Democratic political campaigns and nonprofit advocacy organizations. Though the sessions at times covered similar tools and tactics, each training had its own emphasis and its own intended audience. The best part? You get to check them all out for free! Links are below, and I’ve embedded the presentations beneath.

If you’d like help pulling your digital ad strategy together, drop me a line! I’m happy to help nonprofit organizations and Democratic candidates plan and execute campaigns, and I can place programmatic streaming, display and video campaigns (as well as social-media ads) as needed. Let’s talk.


Watch Now:

Digital Advertising in Politics, Part I: Nonprofits, Advocates & Activists

Digital Advertising in Politics, Part II: Political Campaigns

A Guide to Digital Advertising for Local Campaigns

Creative Digital and Social Advertising Ideas For Politics and Advocacy


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