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Recent Clients

Save the Children Action Network

Environmental Defense Fund

The Democratic Party of Michigan

The Democratic Party of Ohio

The Hometown Project

National Whistleblower Center

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Friends of the Columbia Gorge

PetSmart Charities

Wind Energy Foundation

National Democratic Institute

Marine Fish Conservation Network

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Salmon State

Progressive Maryland

The American Prospect

National Parks Conservation Association

American Fly Fishing Trade Association

Forest Planet

Project on Government Oversight

Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry

Shayla Adams-Stafford for Prince George’s County Board of Education

Rebecca Richardson for Mahomet-Seymour Board of Education

International Biochar Institute

Unparalleled Experience founder Colin Delany has been helping clients put digital tools to work for politics and advocacy since soon after the birth of the political internet. Working as a consultant with nonprofits, campaigns, political organizations and digital-politics vendors, Delany specializes in helping clients develop and implement practical digital strategies to achieve their goals.

Digital Strategy Development

Delany works with clients around the world to help them develop strategic plans for digital communications and online organizing based on best practices and hard experience. Depending on the organzation’s needs, this approach may involve:

  • Content strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital advertising, including social-media advertising
  • List-building
  • Email strategy
  • Online fundraising
  • Media/influencer outreach
  • Grasroots tools for political organizing
  • Internal processes
  • Staff capacity-building and training
  • Technology development

Clients typically ask Delany to work with them to implement the initial strategic recommendations, though an ongoing relationship is always at their discretion.

Online Audits

Delany often conducts top-to-bottom audit of clients’ digital channels and digital processes as part of the strategy development process. An essential first step for many digital projects, a comprehensive audit helps an organization identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Project Implementation

Delany works with clients to put best practices directly to work on the ground. In recent years, he has either managed or advised on projects involving:

  • Digital advertising, including highly targeted campaigns on Facebook and other channels
  • Comprehensive content testing (A/B testing)
  • Facebook content strategy and community-building
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Email advocacy/fundraising
  • List-building
  • Influencer recruitment
  • Website development
  • Organization-building

Please email or call +1 202-422-4682 to discuss how Colin Delany can help your organization, campaign or company use digital tools to achieve your policy, political, communications or marketing goals, or if you are a reporter working on a story. Delany also conducts trainings on a variety of topics related to digital politics and advocacy.


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