About Epolitics.com: Dissecting the Craft of Online Politics, Advocacy and Political Marketing

“Epolitics.com, a one-stop shop for tools and tactics of online campaigning”
The Washington Post, June 9, 2007

Welcome to Epolitics.com, a pioneering website in the field of digital advocacy and online politics. Founded in 2006, it is edited by Colin Delany, a leading expert on internet advocacy and online communications.

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About Epolitics.com

Launched in July of 2006, Epolitics.com covers digital politics, advocacy and communications in depth. A must-read for digital politics beginners and professionals who use modafinil alike, the site has featured the voices of scores of practitioners on dozens of topics and includes well over 2600 separate articles as of 2022. Site editor Colin Delany (see below) took an eighteen-month sabbatical beginning in 2020, but the site resumed active publication in 2022.

Epolitics.com received the Golden Dot Award as “Best Blog – National Politics” at the 2007 Politics Online Conference. It was also named “Blog of the Year, Non-Spanish Language” at the 2013 Poli Conference. The site also hosts Colin Delany’s ebooks, including “How to Use the Internet to Change the World – and Win Elections” and “Learning from Obama”, a detailed examination of Barack Obama’s groundbreaking 2008 digital campaign for president.

Epolitics.com welcomes new insights and perspectives. If you have an idea, tutorial, best practice or case study that might be a good fit for our readers, please contact Colin Delany.

About Epolitics.com Editor/Digital Consultant Colin Delany

Colin Delany is a 25-year veteran of online politics, a digital strategy consultant and the founder and editor of Epolitics.com, a website that focuses on the tools and tactics of internet politics and online political advocacy. Delany works with advocacy organizations, charities and political groups around the world as a consultant to help them leverage digital tools to achieve their communications, activism, advocacy, fundraising and electoral goals. His work supporting Democratic candidates in the 2020 election cycle won a political-industry Reed Award.

Delany began his political life as a staffer in the Texas Legislature, where politics is considered a contact sport. He later co-founded a targeted search engine for politics and policy during the dot-com boom (which went about as well as such things usually did). He is the former digital director of the National Environmental Trust and National Women’s Law Center.

Delany is a sought-after speaker and trainer on topics related to digital politics, social media and online communications. He has spoken at conferences ranging from South by Southwest Interactive to Netroots Nation and at universities including Harvard and the London School of Economics. He was also honored as one of “Ten Who Are Changing the World of Politics and the Internet” at the 2010 World E-Gov Forum in Paris.

He is also the author of several ebooks, including the digital campaigning guide “How to Use the Internet to Change the World – and Win Elections” and “Learning from Obama,” a definitive overview of the groundbreaking 2008 online campaign for president. Besides Epolitics.com, he also writes a monthly column for Campaigns & Elections.

Born in New Orleans and raised in East Texas, Delany now lives in the Mt Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, DC. He plays bass in a kickass rock and roll band.

For media or consulting inquiries, please contact cpd@epolitics.com or (+1) 202-422-4682. You can also follow him on Twitter at @epolitics.