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“Epolitics.com, a one-stop shop for tools and tactics of online campaigning”
The Washington Post, June 9, 2007

Welcome to Epolitics.com, a pioneering website in the field of digital advocacy and online politics. Founded in 2006, it is edited by Colin Delany, a leading expert on internet advocacy and online communications.

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About Epolitics.com

Lots of websites talk about politics — talk and talk and talk — but only a handful discuss much more than a particular point of view. Relatively few discuss online advocacy and online politics broadly and as a craft, focusing on what methods work and when, and without selling a particular product or consultancy.

Epolitics.com is an attempt to fill that gap with a realistic look at the world of doing politics and advocacy online. I’m not interested in glittering generalities about the potential of digital networks in the political sphere but rather in the nuts and bolts of actually using the web, email and related technologies to try to change the world.

Epolitics.com can’t cover everything you might use, and it certainly can’t cover all options in the kind of depth they deserve, but I hope it WILL give you an overview of the tools and methods that can help you spread your ideas around the world and mobilize other people to help. Along the way, you might just figure out how to get elected or start a movement. How you use the information is up to you.


Colin Delany is an online communications consultant, a 17-year veteran of digital political communications and the founder and editor of Epolitics.com, a website that focuses on the tools and tactics of internet politics and online advocacy.

A frequent speaker and acknowledged expert in the field of internet communications, Delany has worked for almost two decades to help advocacy groups, companies and political campaigns leverage the power of online tools. He has experience in online marketing, fundraising, digital advocacy, social media and blogger outreach and much more, often focusing on the connection between the online realm and real-world happenings.

Delany has written three e-books, “Learning from Obama” (currently being updated to reflect the 2012 campaign), “Online Politics 101″ and “How Candidates Can Use the Internet to Win in 2012.” Launched in July of 2006, Epolitics.com received the Golden Dot Award as “Best Blog – National Politics” at the 2007 Politics Online Conference, and Delany was honored as one of “Ten Who Are Changing the World of Politics and the Internet” at the 2010 World E-Gov Forum in Paris.

A former staffer in the Texas Legislature, and a survivor of the political side of the dot-com boom (he was co-founder of a targeted search engine for politics and policy), Delany was online communications director at the National Environmental Trust and the National Women’s Law Center before returning to consulting. He also occasionally plays bass in a rock and roll band.

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