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Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry founder/editor Colin Delany is one of the premier digital advocacy, politics and communications strategists in the United States, and with over 17 years in the field, he is among the most experienced online communicators in the world.

A veteran of both Texas politics and the dot-com boom, Delany has worked with scores of nonprofits, corporations and political campaigns in the United States and around the globe to harness the power of online tools. Specializing in online advocacy and its integration with other communications channels and with action in the real world, he helps organizations and campaigns use the internet to build support, spread messaging, influence Congress and other decision-makers, raise money, get votes and motivate people to act on their behalf.

Online Communications and Advocacy Training

In addition to the consulting services below, Delany frequently speaks to groups about the essentials of online communications, providing an overview of tools from the latest and most-hyped to the more-established standards. He also provides more-detailed training sessions on best practices in the use of particular applications such as social media, social networking, blogs, online video and email advocacy. Contact e.politics to set up a training session.

Digital Communications and Online Political Strategy Services

1. Integrated Online Strategy. Delany works with clients to identify and focus on the digital tools most effective for their particular circumstances and needs, whether for an entire organization or for a particular project, and to prepare concrete steps for putting them to work. He helps clients find their way through the bewildering array of online tools and tactics now available, with an emphasis on integrating online tools with one another and with the organization’s overall communications and outreach. In sum, he helps clients get where they need to go.

2. Online Advocacy and Fundraising Audits/Analyses. Delany can provide in-depth analyses of clients’ existing online advocacy campaigns, email marketing, online fundraising, websites and social media channels, followed by recommendations for improvements and future steps. An audit of a client’s online properties, tactics and analytics is frequently the first step in the development of a comprehensive online strategy.

3. Social Media Strategy. Delany assists clients with maximizing their benefit from the specialized world of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other online social channels, helping them grow their followings and influence.

4. Email List Growth and Email Advocacy Strategy. Email remains a key tool for most online communications campaigns, and Delany works with clients to grow their lists, improve their overall messaging and boost the response to their advocacy and fundraising asks.

5. Online Advertising Strategy. Delany works with clients to leverage online advertising channels including Facebook and Google Ads, as well as cutting-edge advertising techniques such as cookie-targeted content advertising.

6. Website and Online Technology Development. Delany assists clients with the development of online technology, whether on the client’s own website or hosted on a channel such as Facebook. He can help clients identify needs, write spec documents, and work with software developers and vendors to implement technology projects. One of his most valuable roles has been to act as a client’s advocate in the technology space, working with developers to keep projects on track and on budget.

7. Online Influencer Outreach. Delany helps clients identify prominent bloggers and other influential voices online in the areas relevant to their work, then reach out to them to place stories and shape the online discussion around their issues.

8. Project Implementation. Strategy is a good first step, but the devil is in the details…and the implementation. Delany works with clients in an ongoing relationship to put online strategies to work in practice in a very messy world.

9. Online Communications Training. In addition to providing analysis, strategy and implementation, Delany regularly trains clients on digital tools and techniques. He also frequently speaks at conferences and other events.

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For more information about consulting services, or to discuss a speaking opportunity or news story, please contact Colin Delany at 202-422-4682 or

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