Today on Digital Politics Radio at 3 Eastern: Political Video Advertising

As I’m wrapping the epic saga that is the Online Politics 101 rewrite, it’s been fascinating to note the changes we’ve seen over the past couple of years of internet activism and advocacy. One factor? The rise of entirely new platforms to spread ideas and find followers, particularly in the advertising space. Online video ads are something I think we’re definitely going to see more of, particularly on sites like Hulu that broadcast shows that first air on television, and conveniently enough, Karen Jagoda‘s Digital Politics Show today will focus on this very topic. Give it a listen:

The theme of the show this week is how candidates and advocacy campaigns are using online video advertising, what has motivated media strategists to start using more online video ads and which campaigns have used it successfully.

My first guest today is Anupam Gupta, president & CEO, Mixpo and in the second half Brian Rauschenbach, Chief Marketing Officer, Add Three.

The Digital Politics Radio show on Tuesday January 18 will be webcast live on from 12-1 pm PACIFIC/3-4 EASTERN. If you miss the live show, the podcast will be posted by Thursday morning on Digital Politics Radio where you can find show archives from this week as well as previous shows.

And for that OP101 rewrite? Look for it dangerously soon…


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