Now On Digital Politics Radio: What Firms Are Changing the Landscape for Digital Campaigners & Advocates?

Be sure to check out this week’s episode of Digital Politics Radio, hosted by Karen Jagoda. On this week’s agenda: the political landscape and the companies that are shaping the solutions for political and advocacy campaigns.

  • Art and Science of Political Campaigns, with Shane D’Aprile, Publisher, Campaigns & Elections. Filling the need for insider information about use of big data, online and traditional media for winning campaigns.
  • Finding Political Solutions, withCarol Hess, Founder and Emily Hess, President, Political Resources. Leading directory for all things political and growth of the political and advocacy industry.

I’m a Digital Politics Radio Contributing Editor, and note that the show reaches political consultants and activists around the country. It’s a great way to connect with the outside-the-Beltway political class. Contact me to talk about sponsorship opportunities.


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Colin Delany
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