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July, 2008

Obama Twitter Account Gets Aggressive in Debt Battle

Interesting development: @barackobama, which has almost 10 million followers and is run by the President’s re-election campaign, is explicitly asking supporters to Tweet at their Congressmembers. And, they’re naming names and giving addresses: Tennessee voters: Tweet @SenAlexander and...

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Feasting on the Brains of the Young

Mmmmmm, delicious brains…tonight I’m heading over to Georgetown to talk with one of Alan Rosenblatt’s grad classes on digital politics. These discussions are usually great, and I typically learn at least as much from the students as they do from me, which is ideal in my book...

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Sending Out a Little Love to Our Guest Authors

Hi folks, the other day I started wondering just how many people had contributed content to since the site launched, so I decided to go diggin’. It turns out that sizable bunch of kick-ass experts have shared their wisdom with us over the years — 23 24! guest authors in...

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Rep. David Wu vs. The World: Taiwanese Animation Wins

Ah, Next Media Animation, thank you for brightening our lives with your utterly inappropriate and completely bizarre depictions of the news of the day. Tiger suits rule! As do floating hot dogs. Also note Wu’s epic birth, and his apparent ability to transform magically into a bear when...

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