Feasting on the Brains of the Young

Mmmmmm, delicious brains…tonight I’m heading over to Georgetown to talk with one of Alan Rosenblatt’s grad classes on digital politics. These discussions are usually great, and I typically learn at least as much from the students as they do from me, which is ideal in my book.

And in tonight’s conversation, “my book” is exactly what I’ll have in mind, at least the e-book variety — I’ve seen a steady uptick in traffic to both the Obama campaign book and “Winning in 2010” over the last couple of months, which makes sense as 2012 gets closer. The Obama book stands as-is, since it’s a look back at What Happened, but it’s time to put out a new version of “Winning,” this time focused on, you guessed it, using the internet to win in the 2012 elections. I’m planning to get together with a bunch of folks in the field over the next few weeks to gather perspectives, and the first set of ideas I plan to steal are those of Alan’s students. Mmmmmm, delicious brains….


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Colin Delany
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