The Republican Presidential Contenders, Social Media and Voter Mobilization

How can Romney, Bachmann, Cain, Pawlenty, Paul, et al, use digital channels to find supporters and put them to work? Get three expert perspectives in the video discussion below, which features friends-of-Epolitics Julie Germany, Mike Turk and Katie Harbath. The moderator? NBC’s Chuck Todd, for whom I built the Hotline Scoop website when he was at National Journal back in 1999. DC’s a small town….

A little too much of the early conversation focuses on an “innovative” Facebook/NBC online debate scheduled for early 2012 for my tastes, but Julie, Mike, Katie and Chuck do get to spend plenty of time talking about fundraising, media filtering and information overload, volunteer mobilization, social media best practices and a lot more.

Also on the Republican internet campaign front, check out Dave Weigel’s coverage of a Tea Party-oriented candidate Twitter debate, which he calls “the most dignity-shredding, IQ-lowering pseudo-event of the campaign so far,” and Kate Kaye’s look at Republicans’ online ad spending.


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Colin Delany
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