Social Media Week Panel: Social Media and Advocacy, February 19th

If you’re in DC in mid-February, be sure to check out Social Media Week, which will feature dozens of events scattered around town, covering the application of social media tools, techniques and approaches to just every topic under the sun. I’ll be taking part in a panel at 6 pm on Tuesday, February 19th, organized by Jim McBride of Network for Progress. Here’s the scoop, and you’d better RSVP soon — last I heard, we had over 150 people registered.

Social Media for Advocacy: Lessons from 2012 & Your Ideas for 2013

This session will discuss the advances in using social media for advocacy seen during the presidential and other campaigns (Kony 2012, SOPA/PIPA etc) during 2012 and techniques and tools that can be used for activists in 2013.

Topics include the use of Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite and other tools to organize events/actions and build community to increase “bottom-up” engagement. Social Media professionals and amateur activists will discuss and learn what are the most effective uses of the latest communication technology trends.

On the panel:

  • Colin Delany, Editor, (@epolitics)
  • Chad Barth, Event Evangelist, Eventbrite Politics (@chadbarth)
  • Heather Neisworth, New Media Consultant (@heathgirl)
  • Beth Becker, Social Strategist, Progressive Congress [and contributor] (@spedwybabs)

Hope you can make it! Should be a great conversation. You can also check out the Facebook Event page.


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