November 16th: Press Club Panel on Social Media and the 2012 Presidential Race

Hurricane Sandy might have postponed our Press Club panel on social media in the presidential race, but never fear, it’s rescheduled for next Friday, November 16th. With the date change a few tickets have popped open, so check it out. Should be a terrific conversation.

The Online Election – Social Media and the 2012 Presidential Race

The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election is like none we have ever seen before. Americans now follow real-time debate commentary via Twitter, advocate for their candidates on Facebook and join Internet memes with Tumblr. Balancing tried-and-true strategies with bold experimentation, the campaigns of both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have invested heavily in social media as part of their fundraising, grassroots and media strategies. They have had to.

This panel will focus on how the 2012 presidential candidates have used social media as part of their campaign strategies, what future U.S. elections will look like as social media become even more predominate, and why communications executives should pay attention to these trends when considering their own clients’ goals and strategies.

Also on the panel:

  • David Almacy (Senior Vice President, Digital Media at Edelman)
  • Alex Howard (Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent for O’Reilly Media)
  • Emily Schultheis (National Political Reporter for POLITICO)
  • Anthony Shop (Managing Director of the Digital Agency Social Driver and Chairman of The National Press Club’s Events Committee)

Hope you can make it.


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Colin Delany
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