Your 2021 Digital Campaigning Guide is Ready!

Guide to digital politics and advocacy

Hi folks, I’m proud to announce the launch of the 2021 edition of “How to Use the Internet to Change the World – and Win Elections”. This eighth edition includes lessons from the 2020 U.S. presidential and down-ballot elections (including the Georgia Senate runoffs just weeks ago), as well as from racial-justice and pro-democracy protests in America and around the world.

Designed for activists, journalists and students as well as for political professionals, the ebook provides by far the most comprehensive and practical guide to using the internet for politics and advocacy available today. Besides an examination of big trends in digital politics, which I’ll publish here as a standalone article soon, the book goes in-depth into:

  • Digital advertising for elections and advocacy
  • Fundraising via email and social media
  • Outreach and advocacy via Facebook, Twitter and other social-media channels
  • Political data
  • Political text-messaging
  • List-building
  • Data-driven field organizing
  • Digital persuasion
  • Strategic planning
  • Digital campaign logistics
  • Campaigning in a pandemic
  • And much more

Ten years in the making, the book’s eighteen chapters and 137 pages contain a wealth of detail derived from hard experience trying to change minds, influence policy and elect candidates through digital means. Plus, it includes links to literally hundreds of supporting articles, both on and on a wide array of media, political and educational websites.

Pick up your copy today! If you’ve downloaded the PDF version from in the past, you should have received an email with a secret code to unlock your free update. Let me know if you didn’t, and please note that the new edition is also available in the Amazon store as a Kindle ebook.

Please spread the word! Sharing is caring, my friends. And if you REALLY like the book, please consider writing a quick review on Amazon. They make a big difference. Thank you, and enjoy!


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