New Ebook from Campaign Workshop: The Complete Guide to Advocacy Campaigning

New ebook

Congratulations to our friends at the Campaign Workshop! Today they issued their second ebook, this one a top-to-bottom guide to conducting advocacy campaigns:

Advocacy is all about creating the right message, getting it to the right targets, and converting an ask into an action. However, for many advocacy campaigns this is easier said than done. Modern advances in technology have made sophisticated tactics accessible to even the smallest advocacy campaigns. These campaigns have the opportunity to create real engagement through digital advertising, direct mail and grassroots strategies that utilize state-of-the-art targeting to ensure that their message reaches the right targets.

For the past year, we have been writing and developing the materials that would become The Complete Guide to Advocacy. In our second e-book, we attempt to provide advocacy groups with the tools they need to create this engagement. From grassroots list-building to helping advocacy campaigns build a digital presence, this e-book will provide advocacy campaigns with the resources they need to make a difference.

I just downloaded my free copy and it looks quite comprehensive — I’m going to have a good time digging into it/shamelessly stealing ideas. Good job, folks! And, be sure to check out the previous ebook from the Campaign Workshop team, Political Direct Mail in the Digital Age.


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