New Edition! Comprehensive Digital Campaigning Guide, Updated for 2016

Digital Campaign Guide Ebook

If you’re wondering why posting’s been sparse this past week, it’s because I was sequestered away, chained to a keyboard and systematically updating the “How to Use the Internet to Win in 2016” ebook. Good news! The new version of this comprehensive guide to digital politics and advocacy is now out and available here on and in the Amazon Store for Kindle.

This edition includes updates on political data and social from the 2016 campaign trail, as well as new information on Instagram, SnapChat and more. Plus, the Big Trends chapter is completely revised — look for that one to run separately as an excerpt soon.

If you’ve purchased a past version of the PDF, never fear: I’ll be sending a link soon for you to download a new copy. If you haven’t bought your own yet, now’s your chance! Unfortunately, these changes don’t meet Amazon’s criteria for updating a purchased ebook, so I can’t bulk-update everyone’s Kindle version to the latest (though of course, you can delete the old one and buy a new one…).

Thanks for your help spreading the word in the past! Time for a new round — let’s get this into the hands of people who can use it this year. And watch this space for more updates from the digital front lines of the 2016 campaign. Rock and roll.


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