New Guide from ClickZ: Digital Political Campaigning 101

For a terrifically detailed look at contemporary online campaigning, be sure to check out the new publication put together by ClickZ’s intrepid political advertising reporter Kate KayeDigital Political Campaigning 101 (hmm, wonder where they got the title?) includes chapters by actual, real-live practitioners, including the guys from Chong + Koster and Robert Willington, the digital coordinator for Scott Brown’s victorious campaign.

I have three short pieces as well, looking at list-building, fundraising and campaign websites, but those are relatively settled topics — several of the other articles break new ground, including Josh Koster’s in-depth look at how online advertising actually works for campaigns, with plenty of details about how to structure and target ad buys through the length of a campaign. Likewise with Robert Willington’s extended piece on integrating social media into a campaign, since Brown’s bid for Massachusetts Senate seat provides a dramatic recent example of how organized people-power can contribute to a political victory. Other chapters look at effective online video, getting buy-in for an online communications budget, the Ten Commandments of Campaign Social Media, and much more.

The best part is the price — absolutely free (hey, I wonder where they got that idea?), since all you have to do is provide an email address (list-building!) and you can download your own PDF copy. What a bargain! To demonstrate why you should part with your digital digits, I’ll be posting a few short excerpts from Josh, Robert, John Sample and others over the next few days. But don’t wait for the movie, get the book today.


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Colin Delany
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