What’s New in Social Media: One Platform to Rule Them All?

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What’s New to Think About?

In 2016, by my count we had a total of 78 new social media platforms debut in the world, and 74 of them disappeared in a month or less. So how does a platform stay relevant to an ever changing set of expectations from users as it continues its march to profitability and long-term success?

After all, Social Media Platform Wars aren’t new, but it’s no longer about all of the platforms trying to be Facebook. Suddenly Facebook seems, in some ways, to be playing a bit of defense by adopting features from other platforms like Snapchat. So where does this all end? Do we end up with just one social platform?

I think the answer is a resounding no. Said competition keeps all of the platforms ever evolving in an attempt to retain users and attract new ones.  Imho, they key is that they need to adapt based on their own platform strengths and weaknesses. They need to learn to embrace what makes them unique and use that to become a key to long term success instead of just a flash in the pan.

What’s your favorite new platform?

Platform Updates

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