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What’s New to Think About?

Well, it’s the end of the year, so like many of you I’m thinking a lot about what worked in 2014 and what’s around the corner. Traditionally I write a blog post for about what I think are going to be the hot trends in social, and here’s a bit of a sneak peak:

What’s Going to be Hot In 2015

Mobile. I don’t mean apps or responsive design…I mean really taking our audience’s content consumption habits into account as we create and build community on social media. Shorter videos- Vines, hyperlapse Instagram and more.

Social giving. As people become more and more comfortable buying via social (think Twitter’s new Buy Card) I think we will start to see the trickle of social funding start to edge up Hashtags move more mainsteam as a way to connect online and offline communities.

What’s Not

Wanting the “next” Ice bucket challenge. Hopefully by now the “powers that be” in our lives finally understand why that isn’t a worthy goal to set

Vanity metrics. Maybe this one is more a prayer, but a gal can dream, right?

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