Social Networks: How Many is Too Many?

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What’s New To Think About?

So what’s new and exciting? Well after a year of teasing and speculation, Bridgade launched thru invite-only pandemonium.

I’m still exploring it so won’t share my Brigade-specific thoughts quite yet, but it does have me thinking about social platforms in general. How many is enough? How many is too many? We often talk about the lowest barrier to entry possible in the digital space, but I find myself wondering if with all the platforms in existence are we in danger of spreading ourselves too thin? Yes, we need to be where our community is, but at what point is that access diminished by the limited capacity and resources we have?

When I do social strategy training I always emphasize that you can’t and don’t need to be conversing with everyone on every platform so it’s important to identify who you do wants to engage in conversation and then figure out which platforms they use. However, at some point we could end up talking to all the same people in 20 different places- so where do we draw the line?

I don’t have any definitive answers but do think it’s a conversation we should be having every time we are building out social strategy.

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