Advocacy in an Election Year: Yes We Can

Advocacy in an Election Year

Hi folks, busy times! In the last six weeks, I’ve done somewhere between 15 and 20 trainings, panels, presentations, webinars and podcasts, which is one reason these pages have been tragically empty lately. But I’ll make it up to you: besides all the yapping in public, I’ve also been writing, and you get to share in the results.

First up: a guide to digital advocacy in an election year. Timely, eh? Lisa Sock from and I teamed up on the publication, which you can download from Working with her was a true pleasure, and I think we came up with something that people can really use. Kickass! More details:

Election Year Advocacy: How to Remain Relevant in 2016 When You’re Not a Candidate or PAC

Topics include:

  • Big-picture considerations for advocates in an election year
  • Planning your outreach and persuasion campaigns
  • Lining up allies and assets
  • Planning for rapid response
  • Building your content strategy
  • Catching and riding a media wave
  • Getting — and keeping — your supporters involved and engaged
  • Fundraising in an election year

And much more! Download the guide today — tell ’em I sent ya. And please help spread the word!


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