Colin Delany Events February 11, 2020

February 12th in DC: Nonprofits in an Election Year

There’s that wise owl again! DC folks, please join us Wednesday evening at the WeWork Wonderbread (Shaw Metro) for a discussion about what nonprofits can and should do in an election year. I’ll do a short Q&A with staff from Save the Children and other nonprofits, then we’ll have an all-around conversation. Topics include:

  • What are the basic rules and guidelines for noprofits in a political year?
  • How are different organizations navigating 2020?
  • What creative strategies can nonprofits use to keep their supporters involved?
  • How can they take advantage of fleeting opportunities in a fast-moving communications environment?
  • How can they join with other organizations, including unlikely allies, to achieve progressive change at the local, state and federal levels despite (or because of) this year’s elections?

We’ll see you at 6 on Wednesday! Panel starts at 6:30. Note: I’m buying the pizza.


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