Nonprofits in an Election Year: What Can You Do? [Webinar]

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What can nonprofits do in an election year? More than some people think. Please join me and experienced nonprofit attorney Jean Kordenbrock next week for a webinar covering the rules of the road for nonprofit communications during election season. We’ll also explore creative ideas for mobilizing supporters around your issues — including encouraging them to vote. Sign up now!

Nonprofits in an Election Year: What Can You Do? [Webinar]

What problems and opportunities do election years present for nonprofits? What advocacy-related activities can we pursue, and which are off-limits? How can organizations compete for attention in a crowded and blazingly fast communications environment? How can they prepare for the chance that their issues will have a moment in the sun? And of course, how can nonprofits mobilize their supporters to act this year without running afoul of the law?

Please join us for a free, one-hour webinar covering these topics and more, with an emphasis on practical strategies for nonprofit staff in an election year.


  • Wednesday, February 5th
  • 2-3pm EST


  • Colin Delany,
  • Jean Kordenbrock, an experienced nonprofit attorney now at Fraser Trebilcock (Michigan)

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