Nonprofits In An Election Year: What Can You Do? [Video]

If you couldn’t join the webinar with nonprofit attorney Jean Kordenbrock on February 5th, we have you covered. In the recording embedded below and posted to YouTube, Jean and I cover the basic rules of the engagement for nonprofits advocating for change and encouraging their supporters to vote in 2020. Just a few of the topics we address:

  • What problems and opportunities do election years present for nonprofits?
  • What advocacy-related activities can we pursue, and which are off-limits?
  • How can organizations compete for attention in a crowded and blazingly fast communications environment?
  • How can they prepare for the chance that their issues will have a moment in the sun?
  • How can nonprofits mobilize their supporters to act this year without running afoul of the law?
  • How can they raise money online in a fiercely competitive year?

Good stuff! If you have questions about the legal side of election-year advocacy, please get in touch with Jean. To explore the digital communications and advertising part of the equation, including strategy and project implementation, please drop me a line. Let’s kick it into gear together.


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