Campaigns & Elections is Dead! Long Live Campaigns & Elections

Campaigns & Elections magazine

Regular readers will know all about Technology Bytes, the regular internet politics-focused column I write for Campaigns & Elections magazine. I’m proud to know that it’s become a popular feature for C&E readers, and it’s opened many doors for me professionally as well.

But you may have noticed that things are changing in the media world, and print publications across the spectrum have had to adapt to the reality that readers now tend to consume information online rather than printed on dead trees. C&E is no exception, and earlier this week publisher Shane D’Aprile announced that the upcoming issue would be the last…to actually be printed on paper.

Yes, Campaigns & Elections may be ceasing its print run, but it’s going strong online and as a company that organizes industry-leading trainings and conferences. And just like the Campaigns & Elections brand, Technology Bytes will be moving to an all-digital format at last. Now I can finally link to relevant articles with wild abandon, like a real online writer! Plus, the current plan is for the column to come out monthly rather than six times a year, which means more juicy content for you to absorb. What a bargain!

For more, check out Shane’s announcement, and note particularly the new emphasis on events, particuarly next fall’s Campaign & Marketing Summit, which sounds kickass. Onward and upward, my friends.


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Colin Delany
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