Big News! Now Writing for Campaigns & Elections Magazine

Hi folks, here’s one reason things have been a little quiet around here lately — I’ve been seeing other people. Specifically, the fine people over at Campaigns & Elections magazine, who’ve decided that a little e.politics magic is just what their esteemed publication needs. Here’s the scoop: I’m now writing/editing a regular tech-related section that we’re provisionally calling “Technology Bytes.” Like, it’ll focus on the mechanics of digital politics, with an eye toward puncturing the hype and looking at what bits of technology that campaigns really NEED to watch.

The first column went in yesterday, with one sizable piece and a couple of smaller companions to keep it company, along with some numbers as fodder for the magazine layout guy’s infographic skillz. I’d LOVE to be able to feature outside writers in future columns, and I’ll also definitely be looking for article ideas. So, pitch me baby, pitch me one more time! And of course, you’ll see a link here as soon as the first installment goes online. Good fun all around.


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Colin Delany
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