TechBytes: New Online Advertising Strategies for Political Campaigns

Campaigns & Elections magazine

The latest Technology Bytes column is now online at the Campaigns & Elections site, and it’s chock-full of digital strategy goodness. The main topics this edition:

  • Twitter’s new advertising options and their political application
  • Online ads to buy early (like “homepage takeovers” of local media sites) to box your opponent(s) out
  • The downside of posting TV ads to YouTube (hint: it makes your opponents’ job easier)
  • Why today’s campaign Digital Directors are tomorrow’s campaign managers, and what that’ll mean for politics in the U.S.

How could one column hold all of that valuable information without collapsing under the weight of ideas? It’s a summer miracle! Find out for yourself: read the article. Then, peruse past Tech Bytes columns, now handily aggregated here at Everyone’s a winner!


Written by
Colin Delany
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