More TechBytes: Coordinating Campaigns & ‘Independent’ Groups Online, and a LinkedIn for Campaigns

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We looked earlier at C&E Magazine’s coverage of a Facebook API change that gets rid of a popular way to connect Facebook to a voter file, but that wasn’t the only juicy story in this issue’s Technology Bytes column. We also covered sneaky ways campaigns are using the ‘net to pass information to Independent Expenditure groups working to help them, starting with some Mitch McConnell video clips picked up with glee by the Jon Stewart and company:

The “Daily Show” team had great fun putting the clips to music, a hobby Stewart dubbed #McConnelling and that his viewers took up with vigor.

But what was the point? Advertising, of course. The video clips were clearly designed for use by outside “uncoordinated” groups in their own TV and online ads. A campaign would naturally deny any such intention, but it’s hardly the only way political groups have used the Internet to bypass restrictions on political activity.

It’s all fun and games in online politics, kids! Also in the column: a potential “LinkedIn for political campaigns” and a quick look at the careful balance involved in preparing for online rapid response. Check it out!


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Colin Delany
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