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June, 2010

Quick Hits — November 29, 2011

The Quick Hits of Autumn are the sweetest, tinged with the quiet regret of a dying year. Video: DNC Attacks Mitt Romney in Hollywood-Style Ad, heavily promoting (an earlier version of which was reviewed here). C.f. Did We Just Get A Preview Of The General Election? Kansas governor...

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Maximizing Your Google Grant

Guest article! Brian Cook is with the Human Rights Campaign, which works on marriage equality and other equal rights issues for the LGBT community. He recently put the Google Grants guide below out on the Progressive Exchange and was kind enough to let us reprint it here at

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Laser Graffiti Occupies NYC! Plus, OWS as API

Update: Charles Lenchner sends over an overview of recent Occupy-related technology, and c.f. the earlier roundup. Update II: Occupy Healthcare: Swapping Tents for Online Advocacy. Update III: Check out James Fallows’ excellent analysis of the role of video in shaping public...

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