On a Sunday Night: Cain’s Shirts Fall Short, We’re Drowning in Swill, and Pepper Spray as the Sound of History

Cain on Cafepress

Hi folks, it’s getting late on a Sunday and I’m coming down from the high of seeing a super-fun band with great stage presence and mad musicianship last night — Super Diamond, the finest Neil Diamond cover band that could possibly be imagined. But now it’s time to confront some hard truths, starting with an understandable one. Guess what: people have stopped buying Herman Cain gear, at least on popular merchandise self-serve website CafePress. According to a CafePress rep,

  • Herman Cain-tagged merchandise sales nosedived by 62% since October 17, with Cain-related products falling a dramatic 38% since last week.
  • Meanwhile, for the first time during this campaign, Newt Gingrich-tagged merchandise sales on CafePress have risen two points, from 4% to 6%.

Makes sense — Cain is beset by sexual harassment charges and makes a fool of himself on video (repeatedly), and people quit being so excited about wearing his t-shirts. But here’s something else I read this weekend that absolutely does not compute:

[Obama] should step aside for the one candidate who would become, by acclamation, the nominee of the Democratic Party: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Yes kids, it’s the latest “wisdom” from Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen (via Dave Weigel), two former Democratic pollsters whose consistent advice to Democrats is to act like Republicans and lower taxes. Absolutely, Obama should definitely dismantle his robust reelection machine and drop all of his challenges in the lap of his Secretary of State — whom he defeated in the 2008 primaries — and crown her as his Chosen Successor. That’s Leadership, folks! And I’m sure that his new and voluntary lame duck status would win him many battles in Congress. Plus, certainly no one on the Right would have anything negative to say about Ms. Clinton, and that she’d win the general election without breaking a sweat…. Why are these outright fools allowed to waste our precious ink and pixels on such complete and total swill?

One last thing — if you’ve missed the OWS-related videos that went viral this weekend, of protesters being brutalized by police and of their own stoic reactions, you’re missing what could be a modern Bull Connor moment. Sometimes the sound of history is the hiss of pepper spray.


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Colin Delany
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