Forgetting Sarah Palin? The Internet (Largely) Is

Update: Now with a title 50% funnier than the original!

Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin…who was she again? Of course I’m being facetious, but look at the pattern of online discussion around the former next-President of the United States since July 1:

Online conversation around Sarah Palin

Our new friend Steve Kleine provided this chart via the online monitoring tool Social Radar, and it illustrates dramatically the drop-off in Palin-related conversation since she announced early in October that she WOULDN’T be running for President in 2012. Steve notes that much of the slight uptick at the end of October revolved around speculation about whom she might endorse, along with discussion of her comments that Occupy Wall Street and millionaires were both looking for “bailouts”.

These numbers also suggest why she kept people guessing about her presidential intentions for so long — once the answer was clear, she suddenly wasn’t nearly as interesting. And those books weren’t going to fly off the shelves on their own.


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Colin Delany
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