Poll: What Job Lies in Sarah Palin’s Future?

Well, Sarah Palin’s sure given the political class something to chatter about this week, but what impresses me is that she’s apparently managed not to hold a job for longer than a year or two throughout most of her professional life (mayor of Wasilla, a post apparently with real responsibilities, excepted).

So now that she’s relinquished the plush post of Alaska governor for the rough trade of private citizenship, what fate lies four crucial years in her future? Your vote counts, so cast it carefully. (Note: no Magic 8 Ball assistance allowed — we have standards here at e.politics).

What job will Sarah Palin hold in 2013?

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But wait, there’s more! Suggest other options for our heroine in the comments below. Best one wins the acclaim of the masses.

Written by
Colin Delany
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