Wikipedia Says McCain Will Pick Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as Vice President

Update: mass media now confirming. Signing off for the weekend — heading to a wedding.

Does Wikipedia know something we don’t? Check out the first few lines of the online encyclopedia’s entry on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

Sarah Heath Palin (born February 11, 1964) is the current Governor of Alaska, and a member of the Republican Party. She is the first female governor of Alaska, its youngest, and is the first governor born after Alaska achieved statehood. Brought to statewide attention because of her whistleblowing on ethical violations by state Republican Party leaders,[1] she won election in 2006 by first defeating the incumbent governor in the Republican primary, then a former Democratic Alaskan governor in the general election.

She is the Republican vice presidential candidate for the November 2008 election.
[emphasis added]

Hmmm, is somebody over there trying to tell us something? Or just testing text and accidentally letting it out in public? Thanks to NPR for the tip. BTW, nothing similar on Mitt Romney’s Wikipedia page, for what it’s worth.


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