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January, 2014

Wired News Picks Up on my Mark Warner Twitter Post

Ah, the ripple effect of online communications — during Mark Warner’s speech Tuesday night, I popped the following message out to Twitter, properly tagged #DNC08 so that the content aggregators could put it into the stream with all the other messages about the convention:...

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Quick Hits — August 26, 2008

In which we look through the results of a couple of weeks’ worth of email discussions, Google Alerts and suggestions from friends and readers, plus some random browsing. Update: Blogger + NokiaN95 + Qik = New, Critical Journalism? Or, More of the Same? Update: Online dirty tricks may mar...

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“Left Behind” Happy Hour Thursday @ The Reef

Are you stuck in DC, feeling just a little Left Behind by The Rapture in Denver? Too many of your friends partying, protesting, working or just hanging around at the Democratic National Convention? Fear not! Everyone else in town may have been invited into Heaven, but those of us Left Behind can...

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First Obama/Biden Online Ad Already Running

Read Scott Martin has already picked up on the first Obama/Biden online display ad, which started running on at 5 Eastern this morning — only two hours after the veep announcement went out over text. Read cheekily describes it as “toothy,” but hey, these guys are going...

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