Wired News Picks Up on my Mark Warner Twitter Post

Ah, the ripple effect of online communications — during Mark Warner’s speech Tuesday night, I popped the following message out to Twitter, properly tagged #DNC08 so that the content aggregators could put it into the stream with all the other messages about the convention:

Diggin’ me some Mark Warner. Science! (poetry in motion)

Yes, Twitter is definitely a medium for serious reflections on the matters of the day, I tell you what — I mean, if you can’t say it in 140 characters, why say it at all? And Sarah Lia Stirland over at Wired News picked up on my post and several others and collected them as evidence of a strong response to Warner’s comments about science. Nice! Just doing my part to make the world just a little safer for geeks, nerds and other reason-lovers. While keeping the flame of Thomas Dolby alive for one more day….


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Colin Delany
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