Election Day Update: A Sudden Change of Political Loyalties

Forget Obama and McCain; this time, let’s vote for a REAL leader:

Admiral Ackbar in 2008

C’mon, who can forget his brilliant command at the Battle of Endor to focus all fire on that Super Star Destroyer? If he can beat the entire Imperial fleet with just a ragtag band of rebels, the financial crisis is toast. Thanks to my brother Stratton for sending this over and showing me The Light.

Seriously, can you believe election day’s FINALLY here? I just checked, and the first two presidential campaign-related articles on e.politics seem to have appeared in August (McCain as online juggernaut!?!) and September (Mark Warner in Second Life!) of 2006, well over two years ago. I think I’m more relieved now than anything else — my nervous system was starting to short out a couple of weeks ago. Time to go to the polls — the Admiral’s definitely got my vote.


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Colin Delany
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