Update on the E.politics Front: Getting Ready for Paris and London

So here’s the scoop: remember that “Ten Who Are Changing the World of Politics and the Internet” list from a few months ago, the one in which all of you voted for e.politics? Well, I’m a finalist (one of the Top Ten) and am heading to Paris for the World E-Gov Forum next Tuesday….

Wow! Pretty damn cool all around, and THANK YOU to everyone who was able to vote, since I wouldn’t be going without your help. It’s a great honor, and I’ll be at the conference for two days to give a short presentation about this site and the work we’ve been doing here (thanks, guest authors!). Then, it’s off to London for that discussion at the LSE. I’m burning off my remaining vacation time from NMS in the process and am actually flying myself over there, but what the hell — life’s short, and opportunities like this don’t exactly come along every day. European capitals, here we come….

BTW, here are more details about the London presentation, written in typically genteel fashion by my friend Charlie Beckett. And please, if Epolitics.com doesn’t get updated much in the next few days, forgive me — I have clients to feed and care for before I go. Plus, anybody want to watch my cat while I’m gone?


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Colin Delany
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