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January, 2008

Quick Hits — June 22, 2008

Obama Plans National Push on Ads and Turnout. Note particularly the use of consumer data/microtargeting with email and direct mail. C.f. Obama Campaign Dispatching Thousands Obama Drops Out of Public Financing; Announces By Email/YouTube. Apparently considered writing each supporter a personal...

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Off to PDF, and other Adventures

Hi folks, e.politics is fixin’ to relocate to NYC for a couple of days, planning to hang out at the Personal Democracy Forum and check out the scene. Note the just-announced presidential Twitter debate — clever idea, and a well-timed promo hit as well. Look me up if you’re...

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Download the New Online Politics 101

This publication is now several years out of date! Please see “How to Use the Internet to Win in 2014” and its successors for an updated digital politics guide. Almost two years in the making, the new version of “Online Politics 101: The Tools and Tactics of Online...

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Online Advocacy Tools: Political Databases

Updated January, 2011 Political databases generally don’t get a whole lot of attention in the press or in public, but they underlie much of the technology of modern politics. Email advocacy and fundraising systems are really just specialized examples of CRM (customer/constituent/contact...

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Online Advocacy Tools: Advertising

Updated January, 2011 If I had to pick a most-neglected aspect of internet politics, it would be online advertising — until recently. In particular, electoral campaigns used to spend relatively little money advertising to web audiences, particularly compared to the huge amounts they raised...

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Online Advocacy Tools: Social Networks

Updated January, 2011 If you want to build a following online, a good strategy is to go where the people are — and in 2011, plenty of them have flocked to online social networks, particularly (in the U.S.) on Facebook. Earlier versions of this guide focused on strategies for MySpace and the...

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