Previewing the Republican Talking Points: An RNC Email Attacks “Liberal” Obama

That was quick — the RNC has already sent out an email attempting to raise money using the specter of an Obama presidency as a hook (I bet that message has been in the can for quite a while). Some hightlights:

The liberal special interest money machine is already rallying around their presumptive nominee…Big Labor, Trial Lawyers, and other radical protest groups have pledged to spend at least $750 million to defeat Republicans and elect liberal Democrat Barack Obama president. One union head has said, “Losing is not an option, so money is not an object.”

These leftist special interests expect payback in the form of passing their tax-and-spend, ultraliberal agenda if the Democrats seize complete control of the government. And since he is the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, they know Obama will succumb to their demands.

Ah, such language — add in a couple of references to “capitalist running dogs” and you have something with all the sophistication of a 1970s Chinese communist propaganda piece, plus the originality of a low-grade sitcom. Seriously, “leftist?” Clearly Obama = Che, and a Democratic victory will end in all of us tilling the soil by hand on collective farms. Liberal this, liberal that, and special-interest trial lawyers everywhere! It’s the Michael Dukakis strategy all over again, minus Willie Horton (but just you wait, with a black man on the ticket…).

Obviously, this is a red-meat piece aimed at the party faithful, but if this kind of stale blather is all these guys have, oof. Have fun in the wilderness — and you might need to take some lessons from those “leftists” who’ve spent the post-Reagan era in political exile.


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Colin Delany
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  • I can live with ordinary liberals, but I had no idea Obama had an ultraliberal agenda. Ultraliberals are just too much. They consort with far left bloggers.

    Ultra Man is OK though, especially when your city is under attack from giant monsters.

  • $750 million? Are we trying to create impossible expectations, or what? That’s not a realistic number, is it? I mean, I have no idea what I’m talking about. It just kind of stuck in my head as waaaaay out there. Why don’t they just round up to a billion and REALLY scare everybody. Subliminal bonus for containing “Bill” and kind of rhyming with Clinton. Hey, this fearmongering ain’t so difficult after all!