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Hi, y’all, just pulling it together after last night’s blow-out at the Reef — we had at least 100 folks show up to enjoy a what turned out to be a beautiful early summer evening. The crowd was heavy on the Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant/Col Heights neighborhood side, with a sprinkling of journalists, writers and online politicos, and conversation raged late on at least two floors of The Reef. I even saw some digits exchanged. Success! We’ll have to do that again some time.

In other news, I’m working on an updated version of Online Politics 101, trying to get it ready to launch next week, while also building out a website for a client. So, e.politics may not get updated as regularly until after the PDF and DIA conferences at the end of the month.

In the meantime, you can get your fix via a rebroadcast of today’s Digital Politics show on SignOn (Internet) Radio — the segment should be posted over the weekend. Host Karen Jagoda (she of the E-Voter Institute Survey) and I talk about the presidential campaigns, governance, citizen activism and a ton of other interesting topics through the lens of online politics. The segment runs about 25 minutes, so get a cup of coffee and settle back for a spell.

One more upcoming event: I’ve been invited to be on a June 25th panel on intellectual property and digital culture for the Media Future Now lunch series (I think I’m along for comedic relief). For details, go to the Media Future Now site, or if it (ahem) still hasn’t been updated, you can contact Andrew Mirsky directly for details.


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