E.politics Sneaks into the Post, and Other News about the Site

Hey kids, I’ve been spending the last few days playing tour guide for visiting kinfolk and have been cruelly neglecting e.politics, deaf to its constant cries for love. Never fear; others have stepped into the breach most bravely. First up: The Washington Post, which ignored journalistic standards long enough to let a quote of mine slip into a Saturday article about Mitt Romney’s campaign blog. Thanks to author Jose Antonio Vargas for doing his best to make me sound all smart and stuff.

Next up, I’ve been planning to write a review of David Meerman Scott’s just-released book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, which has ended up as the top public relations publication at Amazon.com. Did I mention I’m quoted on page 55? A promo copy has been begging for a read for several weeks now, but time is in short supply and I haven’t gotten through it yet. But, you should of course buy it right away — David’s a sharp guy and the parts I’ve read so far are excellent. More about the book later.

Finally, Espen Skolen, a Norwegian studying in Australia (gotta love this global village) cited the e.politics Macaca article in his master’s thesis, which is now online. In the thesis, he looks at the influence of blogs on the political process, and for you academic types (Paging Dr. Rosenblatt!), he suggests some routes for future research. We’re now worthy of academic study, God help us all.


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Colin Delany
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