Now Posted: Digital Politics Radio Interview on Egypt, Tunisia and Social Media

Howdy y’all, Tuesday’s Digital Politics Radio discussion on the internet and social media’s role in Egypt and Tunisia is now online; check it out below (my interview is segments 3 and 4).

For more on the topic, check out the list of relevant articles on Egypt and Tunisia pulled together for the interview and updated since. And of course, don’t miss’s own How Social Media Accelerated the Tunisian Revolution: An Inside View.

BTW, this week turned into a federal-budget frenzy over at the NWLC, which took up most of my time during the week, leaving poor E.pol all sad and lonely. But take a look at the results: a comprehensive guide to how President Obama’s budget and the Republican plan for the rest of 2011 would affect a huge range of vital programs. Stark differences!


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Colin Delany
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