Upcoming Events: Personal Democracy Forum and DIA User Conference

Hey kids! Two upcoming events of note:

  • Personal Democracy Forum is looming up a lot more quickly than I realize — it’s less than two weeks away now. I hope they have a sizeable red carpet; lots of Big Name (in our world) speakers will be hanging out, and I hope to see you there, too. Look for e.politics to be wandering the halls at random, searching out pockets of booze and tossing the occasional conversational grenade. Dig the cool setting — is a purple loincloth required or just de rigeur?
  • Also coming soon: the Democracy In Action user conference, in DC June 26-27. Registration ends June 16th, so get on it. E.politics has been coaxed into giving a presentation at this one, tentatively titled “Cheap, Quick and (Sometimes) Dirty: Creating Integrated Online Campaigns Using Off-The-Shelf Parts.” Catchy, eh? Hope you’ll make it there as well.


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Colin Delany
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