Two Good Training Events Coming Up in April & May

Time for training

Hi folks, I’m speaking at two upcoming training events that you should definitely check out. First, one with an early-bird registration price expiring in a few days: The Center for Digital Strategy’s Digital Strategy Summit. It kicks off on May 3rd and includes four days of panels and online training sessions, plus evening discussion groups. I’ll be leading a training on integrating the various pieces of your digital campaign, just one of many sessions designed for advocacy and political campaign staff and individual activists. Good stuff! Register here.

But first, I’m always excited for Organizing 2.0, which is normally a real-world event but will be online this time because of Covid. I’ve missed Org 2.0 only once or twice since it started, and never willingly. Last year’s conference had to go virtual as well, and it reached a far larger audience than ever because of it. My session will cover creative ways to use digital advertising for politics and advocacy, with fresh ideas from the 2020 elections and consulting work I’ve done just this year.

Org 2.0 takes place on April 16th and 17th this time around, and I’m bummed that I’ll be in the air the first day, heading back to DC after a few months helping my parents in Texas. Look for my Org 2.0 session on the 17th, but don’t miss either day — or either event. Register for the Digital Strategy Summit and Organizing 2.0 today.

Top photo: We could all use a little training right now, amiright?


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