Events: How Marriage Equality Advocates Took the Fight Online, and Content Advocacy for Public Affairs

Hi folks, here are a couple of D.C. events you might want to check out in the next couple of weeks. First off, our old friend Doktor Alan Rosenblatt’s Internet Advocacy Roundtable meets next Thursday, and the topic is the online campaign for same-sex marriage equality:

The campaign for marriage equality has targeted the courts, the federal government and state governments across the country. Digital and social media played a big role in organizing support for equality laws. This month, the Internet Advocacy Roundtable is piping in some of the key players in these efforts from the Human Rights Campaign, which has spearheaded much of the national effort, and from the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which successfully challenged California’s Prop 8 in federal court.

Join us for a great case study focused on digitally outflanking the opposition in order to secure marriage equality.

Lots to learn from these folks, so get your ticket today. Coming up even sooner, though, is an Adfero Group-sponsored session at the Press Club on Friday: “Content Marketing for Public Affairs Pros”. I’m convinced that a content strategy is more important to digital outreach and advocacy every day, particularly as people are bombarded with ever-increasing amounts of information online, and you’ll be hearing plenty more about the topic here in the future. Check out Friday’s discussion for an introduction.


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Colin Delany
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