Coming Soon: Netroots New York

Hey kids! Sorry for the sparse publishing lately — has had to take a back seat lately as the pre-holiday frenzy starts to crank up. Never fear, though, we’ll have fresh edition of fan-favorite Quick Hits tomorrow.

In the meantime, check this out: Netroots New York is coming up fast and you don’t want to miss it. Registration for the December 17-18 event gets you two whole days of political organizing goodness, including two trainings I’ll be leading on email fundraising and on using The Twitter More:

At Netroots NY you’ll be hearing from some of the most dynamic progressive leaders and activists including many of original Occupy Wall Street organizers who helped envision the movement. More panels and speakers are being added every day.

Trainings include: How to Scare Companies and Influence People Online, Using Humor to Turbo Charge Your Activism, How to Ensure Your Web Project is Failure, Fundraising That Respects Your Email List, Online Organizing Strategies That Work, Effective and Economical Online Advertising.

Panels include: OWS: How it Happened, Why It Sticks, What’s Next, The REAL Committee to Save New York: Fighting Austerity By Taxing The Rich, Organizers’ Perspectives on OWS, Wisconsin: The Real Story and Can It Happen Here?, After Marriage: What Next for the LGBT Rights Movement? and Fighting the “Digital Divide” Myth Within Your Organization.

The biggest problem? Choosing what sessions to go to when all your faves are scheduled at the same time. C u there.


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Colin Delany
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