Upcoming Events: Women Who Tech Telesummit, Plus the Amp Summit

Time to git us some learnin’! First up, the Women Who Tech Telesummit, taking place September 15th on a computer or phone near you:

Women Who Tech brings together talented women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy to transform the world and inspire change. Hundreds of women (and this year men will be participating too) from across the US and abroad in the non-profit, political and business world will be coming together on September 15th to participate in this virtual event. Panelists include women on the forefront of social change and technology.

Check out the website for the excellent list of panels, presentations and presenters, and also note the after-parties — I’ll see you at the one in DC. Next up, the Amp Summit:

AMP Summit is an annual forum for influentials and thought leaders in the activist, media and political spheres. Public officials and regulators, experts from think tanks, trade associations, and public relations, and members of the media will attend. This conference in our nation’s capitol is intended to bring together respected colleagues and new friends to inspire new thinking, challenge traditional strategies, and create opportunities to learn from each other.

The AMP Summit hits DC September 24-25th, and be sure to take a look at the packed agenda — I’ll be on a panel entitled “Elements of an Effective Online Campaign” on Saturday the 25th. See you there!


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Colin Delany
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  • Glad we have Women Who Tech, because the AMP Summit is going to be a real sausage fest.

    Having one session on reaching women and moms and having most of the women speak there does not make for a diverse conference. But it looks like the list of conference speakers pretty much mirrors the leadership committee (many of whom are very good people, and the rest are people I don’t know personally).