Colin Delany 2016, Campaigns, Email October 11, 2015

[Updated] Jeb!Watch: No Campaign Email Since September 20th?

Update: Digital politics veteran Stan Olshefski checks to note that HE”S getting Bush campaign emails. Thanks, Stan! Crowdsourcing at its finest. Next question: why isn’t Shaun getting the messages? Database glitch? Deliverability problem? Electronic countermeasures?

This just in from campaign-email-tracker Shaun Dakin: nothing from Jeb! Bush’s campaign since the 20th of September. Could the former front-runner be running away? Is it truly time for a Jeb!Watch?

Of course, the campaign could be denying Shaun’s inbox their sweet missives on purpose — perhaps they put him on a no-fly list once they learned about Dakin’s Law. Or, they could be running segmented emails he simply isn’t receiving.

Still, unless we’re missing something, that’s three weeks without a full-list fundraiser — a long time for a campaign once considered serious. By contrast, three HOURS without an Emily’s List email can seem like a vacation some days. No end-of-quarter appeal for Jeb! at all?

Three weeks isn’t actually enough to trigger a formal invocation of Dakin’s Law, since we can’t put the campaign on the watch list until the email account has been silent for a full four weeks. But trust me, Jeb’s radio silence puts him on double-secret probation as far as I’m concerned. Deathwatch? You be the judge.

Do let us know if you HAVE received a recent message from the Bush campaign! If he’s sending to everyone BUT Sean, it’s evidence of either a technical glitch or a systematic campaign to deny information to a citizen journalist. Either way, good fun all around.

For reference, read the last message Shaun got from Jeb’s campaign for yourself. Note the copying of a common Democratic party fundraising tactic, the old we-have-a membership-card-for-you trick. I wonder how many people did it just for the “Member only Tele-Townhalls”? Hint: maybe next time, offer stickers. If there IS a next time.



  1. Stan OlshefskiReply

    I’ve received 16 emails from the Bush campaign since then.


  2. Colin DelanyReply

    Thanks, Stan! Big help — crowdsourcing at its finest.

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