Scott Walker Withdraws, Proving ‘Dakin’s Law’

The Hindenburg

Thank you, Scott Walker, for confirming what shall henceforth be known as “Dakin’s Law”, in honor of its author Shaun Dakin. If you’ll recall, Shaun noted at the time that Rick Perry’s campaign began emitting the sweet smell of death that his team hadn’t sent a campaign email in several weeks.

As the news spread about Walker’s withdrawal yesterday afternoon, Shaun pointed out that he’d received no messages from the campaign since July 31st. More than six weeks without a communication with supporters! Madness, if a campaign’s serious about raising enough money and mobilizing enough supportes to win.

So here’s “Dakin’s Law”: if a top-level campaign hasn’t sent a fundraising or other mass email in several weeks, we can assume that the candidate may be planning to spend more time with his or her family quite soon.

Hell, let’s codify it:

Dakin’s Law

  • If a top-level, active political campaign hasn’t sent a mass message to supporters in four weeks, put it on a watch list.
  • If the campaign hasn’t sent a message in SIX weeks, put it on a deathwatch.

Thank you for your service, Governor Walker! You’ve provided an important data point in our new political predictive model. We don’t have any nice parting gifts for you, but if we did, I assure you they’d be union-made.

BTW, Walker’s fall had nothing to do with any digital failings; his online team seems to have had the mechanics of modern campaigning down pat. But no technical talent can help a candidate bereft of message, moment…or clue.


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