By The Numbers: Social Media in the 2015 British General Election

Social media in the 2015 British General Election

How did social media play in the UK General Election last month? The Conservatives won at the polls, but how did they do online? British Firm Integrity Search has the numbers — see the infographic below for details.

The upshot: Labour had far more engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than the Conservatives, and the Greens ruled YouTube. UKIP (the UK Independence Party) and Labour saw the biggest gains over the course of the period studied, and they also saw plenty of activity on Facebook. The Conservatives had the largest overall social presence at the end in terms of raw numbers of followers, but again, they had less activity and engagement than their rivals. Though they did rule Google+…which resulted in all of 195 “reshares”.

Despite the conclusion drawn in the infographic intro text, social media activity is still no predictor of victory…though maybe one day. Check out the numbers to draw your own conclusions.

Social Media in the 2015 British Election

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