[Audio] SXSW Panel: The Occupy Movement and the Power of Citizen Journalism

Update: by popular request, here’s the link to the resource page referred to in the audio clip — I forgot it the first time around.

Good news — our South by Southwest panel discussion on the Occupy movement as an example of the power of citizen journalism is online! Listen to the audio here:

It gets off to a slightly slow start — I was “um-ing” and “uh-ing” a bunch in the intro, I think while I tried to find my notes — but it turned into a fantastic discussion (plus, it included a stripshow — of sorts). We had two folks from Occupy Austin who were more on the tech side and two who’d trucked down from Occupy Wall Street to represent the comms angle. Really, and I’m not saying this just ’cause I was lucky enough to be the moderator, but it was one of the best discussions I heard all week at SXSW. Bonus: excellent questions from the very engaged audience. So check it out — it might just be inspiring.

For more detail about the panel and the panelists, go to “Occupying Media: 24 Hour Protest People” on SXSW.com.


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Colin Delany
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